Pet Friendly Windows

Pet Friendly Window Treatments

 Pet Friendly Window Treatments

Maybe a bit surprisingly, but keeping our four-legged family members in mind when we are choosing window treatments can be very important to both their well being and the window treatments.  Our pets are typically curious more than anything else, they love to explore and certainly can leave their mark throughout a home.  So when it comes to your window treatments, a few tips will really help preserve your investment, and provide a safer environment for your furry little family members!

General  Tips

Cordless Window Treatments:

Cords hanging from window treatments shout out “play toys” to pets.  This traditional method of raising and lowering treatments may be convenient for the homeowner, but could easily be destroyed by a playful pet, or much more serious could be a choke hazard.According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, window cords are one of the top five hidden hazards in a home.  We recommend pet owners consider motorized window treatments instead.  Many folks are moving to this option in general, but for pet owners it provides much more peace of mind.


If your heart is set on blinds, pet owners’ best bet is to choose vertical over horizontal.  Pets are less likely to get caught in vertical blinds  What is this love affair between your pet and your blinds? Well sometimes playfulness and sometime curiosity.  Cats love to play and poke at blinds, it’s in their nature.  Dog are curious.  They are curious about that rabbit in the yard, or the Fed X delivery man.  That blind on the window is just an obstruction that is in the way. Vertical blinds typically part easily, allow pet to stick his or her head in-between to look out the door or window.   If you really want horizontal blinds, it is best to raise them a bit.  Given the opportunity you pet will dip their head under the raised blinds rather than try to fight their way through them.  Regardless, you’ll want to consider durable materials as you select blinds.  Thankfully there are lots of options as our love of pets has propelled an entire new focus on pet-friendly products!

Remember to select the right product and fabric to meet your pet’s personality. No window covering is completely safe from chewing and scratching, but you can take precautions to minimize the hazards. Window treatments to avoid would be mini blinds, fabric shades, fabric verticals, draperies, and corded blinds or shades. Here are some pet-friendly options to choose from:

  • NewStyle™ Hybrid or Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters– Both are very durable and difficult for pets to maneuver open. Shutters can withstand slight to medium pressure. Available in grain-like finishes, whites and off-white colors, and three slat sizes
  • Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds– Allows you to tilt open or closed the slats, so pets can see out. More durable than wood, but a large dog could still snap the slats
  • Designer Roller & Screen Shades– Allows you to raise the shade to a comfortable position, so the pet can see out. They offer a sleek modern style with remarkably smooth operation, ease of lifting and the smallest light gap in the industry. Roller and screen shades are available in hundreds of fabric choices, opacities, textures, and solids. Pets can sneak behind the shade without the threat of the shade falling down
  • Duette® Honeycomb Shades– Made from a very durable fabric and is available in hundreds of colors and opacities. Add the top-down/bottom-up feature with LiteRise® cordless system, and you have the best of all worlds: Lower the top, raise the bottom, or keep them in a combination of both. Honeycomb shades cover the entire window, so dogs tend not to bother them

Drapes and Fabrics:

No matter how much we love our furry little family members, we all know that pet hair can be a constant challenge.  When picking any treatments that involve a fabric, polyester is a great consideration.  This fabric is known to attract the least amount of pet hair.  When choosing a style of drapes, you may wish to consider a bit shorter style, so the fabric will not come into contact with your pet.  If a longer style of drapery is more to your liking, you may wish to select a color that matches your pet’s fur, this is a great way to hide any shedding day to day. 

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